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As an authorized IRS E-File provider WinTaxPros can provide you all the services and benefits of E-Filing
Question EF#1.  What is E-File? Answer EF#1.  IRS E-File is an electronic tax-filing service available to individuals.  It is the fastest way to file taxes and get your refund in one half of the usual time.


Question EF#2.  What do I gain from using IRS E-File?


Answer EF#2.  Fast electronic filing.  Fast proof of acceptance.  Fast returns.  Peace of mind.  Security.  WinTaxPros transmits your tax return from our computers to the IRS.  Click, zip, your returns is in.  Within 48 hours, the IRS sends WinTaxPros proof that your return has been accepted.  ONLY IRS E-File offers this advantage.


Question EF#3.  How accurate is IRS E-File?


Answer EF#3.  It is virtually error-proof.  IRS E-File is so accurate it greatly reduces the chance of getting  one of those letters from IRS.  It's even faster if you have your refund directly deposited to your bank account.


Question EF#4.  Why should I want the speed of IRS E-File, if  I owe a balance?


Answer EF#4.  You can file now, pay later, and beat the last-minute rush.  No matter when we E-File your return, you don't have to pay what you owe until as late as April 15, 2005.  In the mean time, you have fast, electronic proof of acceptance from the IRS.


Question EF#5.  Where else can I get information about IRS E-File?


Answer EF#5.  Visit the IRS web site at or the address in your tax booklet.


Question EF#6.  Is there a fee for  IRS E-File? Answer EF#6.  (1)  The IRS does not charge a fee for filing IRS E-File.  (2)  The filing is free if your Income Tax preparation is done by WinTaxPros.  (3)  If you do not have your taxes prepared by WinTaxPros there will be a standard fee.


Question EF#7.  Can my state tax return be E-Filed with a Federal Income Tax Return?


Answer EF#7.  In most cases, contact WinTaxPros for the specifics for your state returns.


Question EF#8.  What about my signature?


Answer EF#8.  You simply sign the signature document, Form 8453, and WinTaxPros takes care of the rest.


Question EF#9.  Do I really get my refund faster?


Answer EF#9.  Yes.  You will get it back in one half of the usual time.
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Beginning of Questions and Answers on "Direct Deposit"

Question DD#1.  If I chose the direct transfer option and delay payment, can I be sure the money won't be withdrawn sooner ?


Answer DD#1.  Money will not be withdrawn from your account before the date you specify.  However, if you designate a weekend or a bank holiday, the payment  will not be withdrawn until the next business day because the U.S. Treasury can settle payments only on business days.


Question DD#2.  What confirmation of payment will I receive?


Answer DD#2.  Your confirmation will be your bank statement and the copy of your electronically filed return which includes your direct transfer authorization.

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Beginning of Questions and Answers on "Payment Due"

Question PD#1.  How do I pay?


Answer PD#1.  You have new choices this year.  (1)  You can authorized a direct transfer from you checking or savings account as part of your return.  With this option you can delay when the money comes out of your account until as late a April 15, 2005.  (2)  You can also pay by phone using a credit card by dialing 1-888-2-PAY-TAX and entering a jurisdiction code of 1040.  (3)You can still pay by check or money order.


Question PD#2.  Can I cancel a payment?


Answer PD#2.  You may cancel a payment ONLY if the Treasury received cancellation instructions by the morning of the business day prior to the day that you have designated as your payment date.  The cancellation must be authorized by you or a person with access to your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) payment amount, and bank account number .  Please call 1-888-353-4537 toll-free if you need to cancel a payment.


Question PD#3.  Can I make partial payments?


Answer PD#3.  (1)  You can make a payment for less than the balance due amount on your return.  However, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance due by April 15, 2005 or you will be subject to late payment penalties and interest.  (2)  If you cannot pay the full amount by April 15, 2005, you should file Form 9465, Installment Agreement.  An approved Installment Agreement allows you to make a predetermined series of partial payments after April 15, 2005 and includes interest charges since these payments are considered late.

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