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Individual Check List
1 If new client--A copy of last years return.  
2 Tax Payer's driver license.  
3 Tax Payer's social security card.  
4 Spouse's driver  license.  
5 Spouse's social security card.  
6 Dependent children's social security cards.  
7 Dependent parent's social security cards.  
8 2006 Telephone tax amount remitted.  
9 All W-2's (Wages Tax Allotment, Alimony).  
10 All 10-99's (Miscellaneous Income).  
11 All 10-99B's (Proceeds from Brokers & Barters).  
12 All 10-99G's (Government Payments & Gambling).  
13 All 10-99-INT's (Bank Interest).  
14 All 10-99R's (Distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit Money plans, Individual Retirement Accounts,  insurance contracts. etc.).  
15 Home Mortgage Interest Amount.  
16 Home Property Taxes.  
17 Child dependent care (Child Care) amounts:
For each child,
Name of provider,
Address of provider and
Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number (EIN).
18 Non-Reimbursed medical to include:
Medical bills,
 Doctor's bills,
Hospital bills and
(4)  Premiums for health insurance.
19 Charitable donations amounts for:
Cash, checks and
Non-Cash items (Tangibles).


20 Income Produced.  
21 All expenses in producing this income.  
22 If new client--The fair market value of property. when placed as a rental.  


23 Expenses incurred that were nor reimbursed (out of pocket) to perform your job.  
24 Expenses incurred that were nor reimbursed [out of pocket] for mileage, travel and etc.  

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