Business Check List
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  Business Check List
1 If new client--A copy of last years return.  
2 Tax Payer's driver license.  
3 Tax Payer's social security card.  
4 Spouse's driver  license.  
5 Spouse's social security card.  
6 Dependent children's social security cards.  
7 Dependent parent's social security cards.  
8 2006 Telephone tax amount remitted.  
9 All Income Made.  
10 All expenses incurred in producing this income.  
11 All business mileage or actual dollar expenses.  
12 List of depreciable company equipments.  
13 All W-2's (Wages Tax Allotment,Alimony).  
14 All 10-99's (Miscellaneous Income).  
15 All 10-99B's (Proceeds from Brokers or Barters).  
16 All 10-99G's All 10-99G's (Certain Government Payments & Gambling Proceeds.)  
17 All 10-99-INT's (Bank Interest).  
18 All 10-99R's (Distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit Money plans, Individual Retirement Accounts,  insurance contracts. etc.).  
19 Business Mortgage Interest Amount.  
20 Business Property Taxes.  
21 Expenses for:
Commissions & fees,
Insurance (other than   Health Insurance),
Interest--mortgage (Paid to banks),
(5)    Office expenses,
(6)    Rent or leasing expenses,
Vehicles, machinery & equip. expenses,
Other business property expenses,
Repair and maintenance expenses,
(10)  Supplies expenses,
Taxes & licenses expenses,,
(12)  Travel, meal & entertainment expenses,
(13)  Meals & entertainment expenses,
(14)  Utilities expresses,
Rent or leasing expenses,
Wages expenses and
Other expenses.
22 Charitable donations amounts for:
Cash, Checks and
Non-Cash Items (Tangibles)


23 Income Produced.  
24 All expenses in producing this income.  
25 If new client--The fair market value of property when placed as a rental.  


26 Expenses incurred that were nor reimbursed (out of pocket) to perform your job.  
27 Expenses incurred that were nor reimbursed [out of pocket] for mileage, travel and etc.  

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